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You Can Do Anything - MP3 Download
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You Can Do Anything - MP3 Download
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You Can Do Anything - MP3 Download
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This Name Personalized children's music MP3 requires your Child's First Name, Phonetic Spelling (For correct pronunciation). Enjoy This Fun-Filled Album Includes Eight Original Upbeat Songs. This personalized CD uses the child’s name an amazing 106 times. It stresses the importance of imagination and determination, your special child can do, or be anything, and dreams can come true. A gift of inspiration . . . assures that they can do anything in the future to come.


1. You Can Do Anything

2. Way Too Much To Do

3. Simon Says!

4. If They Put You In Charge Of The Zoo

5. All Because Of You

6. In Your Own Backyard

7. Junk Food Flavored Healthy Veggie Treats

8. Tomorrow


Please Use The Name Search Bar Link To Find Your Child's Name Or A Name That Is Pronounced The Same Even If Spelled Incorrectly. Listen To The Sample Songs With your Name. Enter Your Name Or Name As Spelled From The Sample Music Player, Separated By A Comma, Then Enter Your Correct Spelling In The Item Options Section Below! Also Enter The Phonetic Spelling.

NOTE: If You Can Not Find A Name In The Search Music Player, Then We Will Not Be Able To Make This MP3 Download For You!

Item Options
PLEASE NOTE: Should your Child have an unusually or a copy cat name and You do not add the Phonetic Spelling, we are not responsible if your Child's Name is NOT Pronounced Correctly!
REQUIRED Child's Information
First Name - (No Double Names) Ex: Brooklyn Star
Phonetic Spelling - Elias = (Ee - LYE - Us)
Email Address Of Person Downing MP3
Email Address
Item Price
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A Child's Name Personalized Music MP3 Download


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